Another clean sweep (nw) ltd

another clean sweep (nw) ltd

Their main offices and showrooms being at 77-79 and later 81, Farringdon Road, London.
In good, clean condition with both fixings pins to reverse.
This is a superior, mint example of the navy parade brocade belt and gilt buckle.
'DER welt krieg' WW1 cigarette card album book produced IN third reich ERA.Two-piece buckle with brass body and soldered white metal centre.WW2 BDM District Sleeve Triangle.To the reverse a name has been lightly scratched 'No.3011 Warner T Batt.1970's/80's period stable belt for wear by members of 9 Parachute Squadron RE based in Aldershot.Inert Available within UK British WW2 2" HE Mortar Round.I have completed a little research on him and he served on a shore based ship the 'Pembroke' and was in the Anti Aircraft Corps in Chatham in 1914.Tank Corps Silver Sweetheart badge.In good condition with rubbed corners and minor rust staining around staples otherwise clean and tight contents.Dated base plug, 1940.Although there are no obvious maker or retailer details it is typical of the quality accoutrements worn by officers of the period.
WW1 Personalised Matchbox Cover - Royal Fusiliers.
1916 silver topped Coldstream Guards Cane.
Presentation cardboard box with lid and commemorative polished silver effect metal medal showing a trident and crossed flags of a naval ensign and Union Jack.
Fantastic detail, made by assmann, with 'A' cast into reverse.Pre 1944, double sided silk escape map for use primarily by the RAF.The album is complete with ALL the photos, although most have never been stuck.It is assumed that Samways was a casualty of the close quarter fighting.William James Lewis who served in the Monmouths, Recce Corps, HLI and the Cameron Highlanders.Brocade and calf cross belt by Hobson Sons of London for use by Indian Army Cavalry Officers.It was valued as much for its psychological warfare effect as its actual field performance, and it was believed kohl's black and decker toaster rebate form that if vast quantities of these weapons could be delivered into Axis occupied territory, it would have a devastating effect on the morale of occupying troops.Scarce bullion cap wreath for an Officer in the Marine.Two contemporary official photographs showing dukws loaded with supplies and then exiting Sword Beach, a picture of Bird in uniform and a selection of insignia.WW2 british commercial fighting knife.Adhesive stockinette has now dried out, safety lever manufacturer marked with igniter pocket present.