Blake griffin dunk contest 2016

blake griffin dunk contest 2016

I think we had slotted times.
And then the last one, I really didn't do nothing, because.I had to run.It had to be a Kia Optima, Griffin said.More NBA: sharp: A summer that shaped the Finals.And then (Ibaka) took that one, and I was like, "Shit, I don't know what my last one's going.".You're 7'0, so you knew something like that, right?I definitely had to impress, you can't do regular windmills and stuff when you're seven foot.
Was the two basket dunk the hardest?
I dont know if you guys have stood next to a Kia Optima, but its a pretty tall vehicle, and theres no way I was going target 20 off 100 coupon code to make it over the entire thing, over Baron Davis in the sunroof.
Yeah, not taking anything away from Blake, but there was definitely a lot of hype about him going into.
Blake Griffin dunking over a car of the NBA's primary sponsor.
We did that right before.
And I did a Guinness World Record dunk in the same dunk contest.I wish I would have had a fifth, a last dunk.I don't think there's been more creative dunks than that.That was a cool touch.Install on iOS or, android.I wanted to have Baron Davis and some of my teammates roll out in a convertible, and then just toss it straight up and jump over the whole thing, instead of just the hood.Griffin endorses Kia, which is the official vehicle of the NBA.I was like, It seems like a pretty common American name.