Chubbies male model contest

chubbies male model contest

The video ad promoting the contest garnered 568,926 views on Facebook and.7K likes, shares, and chaco coupon code 2015 comments.
A six-pack would be awesome but after chasing around four kids all day, I honestly don't have time for the gym.It also gave Chubbies a platform for engaging with their social audience on a consistent basis with fresh, consumer-focused content.It validates my father's advice of being able to achieving anything with the right attitude and effort, and it just adds to the awesomeness of this past year.And who doesn't love free shorts?!The goal was and is to create genuine, emotional bonds with customers while having a lot of fun at the same time, something not a lot of menswear brands have been able to achieve.
They put out an open call, asking America to "give us your old, your young, your dad bods yearning to be free.".
Those voices have typically called out women's fashion, but men also face punishing body standards in the fashion world.
Chubbies has previously cast "real people" in their fashion shoots and catalog campaigns; "it got us thinking, wow, crate and barrel discount card our customer base is just full of some of the most awesome and some of the most relatable and aspirational people that we know Chubbies founder Tom.
It was even a few years into the Chubbies business before he said the company saw itself as a player in the men's fashion field.
I'm pumped but I'm more excited for Chubbies because let's face it, they just struck gold.
Meet, steak Sandwich, a bar manager from Washington,.C.It is what.The total social shares for this campaign had a combined reach of 50 million.I ignore the haters.From videos to photo shoots to personal stories, Chubbies received a wealth of content from applicant profiles for use on their site, in the model gallery and across their brand social channels.Driving social engagement, combating Q4 seasonality as a warm weather brand.Keep an eye out for.The Contest, chubbies offered the 10 winners of the competition a bonafide, two-year modeling contract and a lifetime supply of Chubbies shorts.