Claim my tax rebate online

claim my tax rebate online

In an hour-long chat on m on Thursday, direct tax expert, vikas M Gandhi restaurant voucher brisbane spoke addressed our readers' queries.
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Yiu cannot deduct any rent from the income.
You can refer the instrucitons given at the end of each ITR form.Are their ways to rectify them?Earlier TDS was happened for the 1 year after taking PAN the 2 nd year TDS was not the 3rd year TDS has happened but with 2 different d they have given TDS certificates seperately for the full r tax return file whether i have.I know with the due date nearing, you are eagerly waiting to get your queries resolved.You'll be able to print off the forms there and then and return them.However don't enclose these documents with the income who won the miss america contest this year tax return but retain it with you for future reference (Use m for preparing your income tax return) sai asked, sir, my total annual income.75 lacs, how much income tax will be generated?Tiger05 asked, First time i have to file return, what i have to take from my employer and in what formate?Here is the link where you can check on the status of your Property Tax/Rent Rebate: m, please wait 8-10 weeks from the date you mailed your claim to check its status.My Question is that can I claim both HRA and Housing Loan Exemption.It was wonderful having chat with you and resolving your queries.Macmib asked, Hi, I am on retainership in pvt company, which tax form I am suppose to fill whether it is ITR1 or ITR2?
Vikas Gandhi answers, It is not necessary to deposit the income in bank for the purpose of income tax return.
You may still file a renter rebate claim.
Vikas Gandhi answers, If your income is not exceeding.1 lakh, you need not file tour income tax return.
Gandhi, I am a salried person.
Vikas Gandhi answers, Since you have already paid the taxes for the earlier years, you should file income tax returns for those years at the earliest.
But when filling it up in the section 'Computation of total income it says 'enter nil if loss' for 'Income from house property'.
Can i claim on repayment of principal or on intrest.So she has filled up a form in the bank (i think form 15g or 15h, not sure which one).I purchased the house in 1994 for.5 laks Vikas Gandhi answers, If after indexation of the cost, if there is any profit you will certainly have to pay tax on such profit, irrespective of the fact whether you have gifted the entire money.However if you have paid SEcurities Transaction Tax (STT) on sale, the entire Long Term Capital Gain is exempt.Household Income 0-9,999 10,000-24,999 25,000-47,000, maximum Percentage of Income for Rent.5 5, learn more about how to determine household income.