Contesting speed camera tickets uk

contesting speed camera tickets uk

Wacko - 27-Nov-17 @ 9:29 AM Hi, I received an NIP for doing 57 in.
If a gilt city promo code free shipping mechanical device was used to assess the speeding offence, such as a radar gun or police cars speedometer, then a record of evidence plus a signed certificate by an authority must exist.
Caught by a police officer with a speeding gun.But there are ways to legally challenge a speeding fine under certain circumstances.I had a witness with me in the car.I thought I was doing under the 40 limit, but it the speed limit changes then surely there needs to be signs to let the driver know Trojax - 10-Dec-17 @ 10:57 PM Monty iphone case giveaway - Your Question: I just received a NIP claiming that.Mitigating circumstances can include specific reasons for speeding including medical emergencies.In most low-level cases, going to court over a speeding fine will be a risk that isn't worth taking.The Police do not have to prove that the device was working perfectly at the time of the incident.Nathanw101 - 18-Dec-17 @ 5:53.Robert kitchin / Fairfax NZ, successful plea: Barrister and solicitor Chris Ellis got off a speed camera ticket on legal technicalities.Our Response: If it's a reminder, there will have been an initial NIP and the police will probaly have evidence that it was sent.
NoPenaltyPoints - 18-Dec-17 @ 11:47 AM Also to add to my previous comment, the NIP states the location as M1 tbcsurely they should have to state the exact location?
But the next gantrie said ti was 60mph again.
However he and all 4 passengers are convinced the sign showed 60 when he went past.
Can it be challenged?
Can I challege this or not?
The speed measuring equipment had not been calibrated or was being misused.
The alarm people couldn't get in contact or either could I so I had to rush back to check what had happened.My NIP states I was at 30 I wasting everyones' time appealing /asking for photographic evidence?Other (never shown firstname: (never shown surname: (never shown) Email: (never shown) Nickname: (shown) Comment: Validate: Enter word.Motorists who are certain they were not speeding can request copies of the photographs taken by the speed cameras.I just want to know where I stand shall I just accept the fine and points or speed awarnes course or contest it in court.Court appearances can be a risky option and may bring increased penalty points and fines, and can even mean disqualification under certain circumstances.Although I cannot be certain that I wasn't speeding at all, there are various reasons for me to believe that the "45 mph" is an exaggeration.