Dfas travel voucher form

dfas travel voucher form

Since we know that you, virtuous traveler, are adept at your job (which is why DoD sent you TDY to represent your office in the first place we also know you can tackle this receipts thing with ease. .
But if its been a while since you traveled or in case you forgot the receipt specs heres a quick brush-up on what to do: - While youre TDY, snag a receipt for any travel-related expenses.00 or more and for your lodging (.You can convert your paper receipts to electronic images by scanning them, taking a picture of them, or if you prefer the old school approach faxing them into DTS (using the.Create a Voucher from an Authorization trifold. Make sure the expenses on your voucher match what your receipts say you paid. .Aside #1 : If you lose/forget a receipt, contact the original provider to get a replacement.Case in point: one of the simple things travelers often forget to do is attach mandatory receipts to their voucher.For more good ideas on what to do when youre completing a voucher, check out our.Aside #2 : A receipt must be legible (meaning that you and your AO can actually read it be itemized (meaning that the costs have to be broken into individual line items and show payment (meaning that it shows you actually paid for the items). .Home RSS Feeds Receipts!
Theyre usually happy to help, but if they cant, you can complete a missing instant win mcdonalds rules receipt form and attach it to your voucher.
(For Distribution to Travelers).
There you have it a simple strategy to ensure that you include all required receipts with your voucher.
Things like itineraries and credit card statements dont count. .
If your organization approves, you can complete one of the forms from the Defense Finance Accounting Service (dfas) website (the form for a missing transportation/expense receipt is here ; the form for a missing lodging receipt is here ).
Upload your receipts in the.If you happen to have any personal expenses on the receipt (e.g., room service make sure you subtract them from the cost that you enter on your voucher.And one more thing receipt requirements still apply even if you made the reservation via DTS.Print Fax Cover Sheet link in DTS).Its easy to forget to do the simplest things in life. .