Diaper raffle game for baby shower

diaper raffle game for baby shower

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Give each guests a pen and paper and start passing around the diapers.
Hilarious Baby Shower Games (or Baby Sprinkle Games).
The team that catches the most diapers or team that catches the most in the time wins.Get the words in this nursery rhyme book that my toddler loves!One of the trends that Ive noticed lately is that instead of hosting full out baby showers for second (or 3rd) time moms, people are hosting smaller parties called Baby Sprinkles.Style #1: Man.See All Packages, complete Packages.
Bring Book Request Cards, we all remember our favorite stories as children.
You will be surprised how many people are stumped by their favorite candy bar when its in a diaper!
The guest or group with the most number of name matches to mother-to-be, wins the game!Blindfolded, your guests need to find as much safety pins within a short time span (say 30 seconds).#7 Sprinkle Food All Around, fill a bucket with sprinkles and put it on a table.It's all up to you and its all free!Give each player a hooded towel and time them lego promo codes november 2014 as they scoot on the towel on the ground from one end of the obstacle course to the other and back.Again, rotate through pairs for each game, repeating players as necessary.In this style, youll pick two players for each game who will going head to head against each other playing a game rather than trying to beat the clock.