Give away price meaning

give away price meaning

Jackson gave away his daughter./.
Higher 3 year railcard promotional code 2016 energy prices mean lower growth and higher unemployment, and they cost jobs.
To agree against one's will.
Opensubtitles2, you want me to lower the prices-Basically give shit away.- so people can just go for the- For- Get it for the price that was higher?Opensubtitles2, you knew I was trying to control the rice marketThen you sold rice at give- away prices opensubtitles2.Times, Sunday Times (2013)From outside the new museum gives away little of its amazing interior.The Sun (2015)They may not work for money but they give away their expensively earned skills and time free.Europarl8, while strict regulations apply to foods produced in the EU, goods are being imported at give-away prices which are not subject to these regulations.You'll have to give up cigarettes; I won't give up all my hobbies for you.
Taking (something) as a fact.
Times, Sunday Times (2015) Today most are given away free.
Opensubtitles2, well, I was thinking that you could give away # trucks for the price of a sports car.
To give etc (something) to someone ( eg because one no longer wants it).Giga-fren, if your price is too high, or if you give away too much by setting a low price, you may have to face serious financial consequences.To stop using etc.Europarl8, some trade larry bird 3 point contest 1986 restrictions are acceptable in view of the social environmental problems that are so obvious.Hansard, if it is no longer a vertically integrated company, it would not have to deal with the Competition Bureau every time it wanted to lower its prices, offer coupons or give away a two litre bottle of pop.EurLex-2, the alleged flooding of Community markets with crops from eastern European countries at give-away prices is therefore subject to no control whatsoever, as the funding of 10 million, allocated under the phare programme for the approximation of environmental laws, appears to be inadequate and.Times, Sunday Times (2008)We have ten copies of the book to give away.