Ham radio contests 2016

ham radio contests 2016

57N 85O) Work stations: Once per discount fossil handbags band QSO Points: 50 points 1 point for every degree difference in geo location, both latitude and longitude QSO with costco checks coupon code Polar station: 100 points additional QSO with raem Memorial Station: 300 points additional Multipliers: Polar stations multiply total QSO.
Kudos to the pioneers who have created and are maintaining these pages!
Operations for Previous Contests (Tables covering operations in contests that have already taken place going back to 1996).
Work stations: Once per band QSO Points: 2 points per QSO with same country 3 points per QSO with different country same continent 4 points per QSO with different continent 5 points per QSO with YC1ZAZ Multipliers: Each prefix once per band Each dxcc country.CWops Mini-CWT Test : 1300Z-1400Z, Dec Z-2000Z, Dec Z-0400Z, Dec.Operations for Previous Contests ".For operations in the forthcoming smaller contests for which I don't create dedicated tables and for operations that are not contest oriented, check the.Typically, they include more than just an announcment or rule list for a single year (which can almost always be found in the better "Contest Calendars.DX Operation Announcements for Forthcoming Contests.Ideally, they're a single "point-of entry" from which one can find "everything you ever wanted to know" about a particular contest and are well maintained and up-to-date.Operations in Specific Forthcoming Contests, submit your own contest DXpedition information.Forthcoming contests operations are included in the tables linked-to below.
The Band Edge- How Close is Too Close?
Work stations: Once per band QSO Points: 1 point Multipliers: DOK/Special Stations, once per band Prefixes, once per band Score Calculation: Total score total QSO points x (total DOK/Special Station mults total prefix mults) Submit logs by: January 15, 2018 E-mail logs to: (none) Upload.
Non-Member: Name (state/province/country) Work stations: Once per band QSO Points: 1 point per QSO Multipliers: Each call once Score Calculation: Total score total QSO points x total mults Submit logs by: 0400Z December 30, 2017 Post log summary at: m Mail logs to: (none) Find.
Newsletter (Contest Club Finland) A Sleep Strategy for DX Contests (K5ZD) Single Operator - Assisted Operation (K3WW) Sprint Survival Web Page (N6TR) Bill Feidt/ NG3K Last updated: Friday, 08-Dec-2017 10:26:09 EST.
Hearty thanks go to VE3NEA, N4ZR, and PY1NB iota Contest Reflector A mailing list dedicated to discussion of topics related to the iota (Islands on the Air) Contests; List home page Low Profile DX Contesting (K3ZV) National Contest Journal (WA7BNM) Russian Oblasts : PileUP!
Name QTH Score Calculation: Total score total QSO points x total mults Submit logs by: December 24, 2017 E-mail logs to: (none) Post log summary at: m/ Mail logs to: (none) Find rules at: ml QRP Fox Hunt : 0200Z-0330Z, Dec 22 Geographic Focus: United.QRP: 5 watts, exchange: Member: Name Member.Many contest directors have their own web pages with additional information - you'll find a link to these pages in the "More Info" link as well.Other Contest Operation Tables and Facilities.Click on the "More Info" link for current rules, current and prior results, including expanded results for the cqww and CQ WPX Contests.