Hotel booking voucher

hotel booking voucher

Page/vouchers paxId Integer Passenger identifier in the activity.
90 means the barcode has to be placed vertically.
Also you can send the client your own, so they'll end up with.
Page/barcodes List Barcode List of barcodes that should be present in the voucher.Níe, pro vytvoení rezervace staí 2 minuty a ihned obdríte potvrzení rezervace na Vá email (ubytovací voucher)."vouchers "dateFrom "dateTo "code "pqfy9R0W3Q "language "CAS "url "mimeType "text/html", "dateFrom "dateTo "code "ciqol4XH8X "language "CAS "url "mimeType "application/pdf", "dateFrom "dateTo "code "CJ8SE11GTF "language "ENG "url "mimeType "text/html", "dateFrom "dateTo "code "T32njmikqf "language "ENG "url "mimeType "application/pdf", The following is an example of a voucher.If that is the case, you will receive the images in this list.When a voucher URL in XML or json is provided, you have the choice to;.It can be: string date number page/vouchers/images List Image List of images that can be displayed in the voucher.It will match the value of page id attribute page/vouchers/images url String Fully qualified URL of this image.The following table (also shown in the booking detail specifications) explains when its possible to build your own voucher and when you must deliver the generated voucher to your final customer: Format, deliver to the final customer, build your own voucher.Sumatera Selatan merupakan mirror bingo promotion codes salah satu propinsi terbesar di Sumatera setelah Sumatera Utara.Voucher structure is not an API call, but its included as a part of apitude for Activities documentation to help understanding how to build a voucher including barcodes, specific images or any other requirement needed to build a voucher that enables the final customer.
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PageSize, string, size of each page of the voucher, this follows the standard.
This attribute is always returned in pixels.
Our booking engine is built for your hotels guests.No, yes, here is the sample of voucher URL which will be returned in Booking Confirm response.The structure of a voucher in XML or json is explained below: Voucher Structure, nODE/attribute, tYPE, description numberOfItemsPerPage, integer, number of vouchers that can be present on each printed page itemsPerPax.Page/vouchers/[email protected] Integer Page identifier this field belongs.String Units the attribute page/vouchers/images width was returned.It can be any of the values detailed in the list you can find here.Some api calls can return a voucher list in their response ( confirm and modify calls) and some of that vouchers can contain the voucher structure additionally or instead of the vouchers in PDF or html.Beberapa kotamadya yaitu Palembang, Prabumulih, Pagaralam merupakan bagian dari propinsi ini.It is mandatory that the generated barcode has this encoding.String Message encoded in the barcode.It will match one of the page id values returned in this same response.Directly download/forward the voucher URL to final customers; *In case we send you in the response a voucher URL, it is mandatory to show that voucher.