How does lotto millionaire raffle work

how does lotto millionaire raffle work

Odds* 1,000,000 7 7,000,000 1:107,143 50,000 7 350,000 1:107,143 5,000 1:37,000 1:1,500 Total 534 7,700,000 1:1,404 *with a sellout.
Buy early to also have the chance to win up to 10,000 in a weekly drawing, plus every 40th Raffle ticket purchased statewide will be a 50 instant winner until the first 100,000 tickets are sold!
Issues concerning the transaction or instant prize should be resolved before leaving the store.
Remember to keep your raffle ticket.19 Weekly 5 10,000 December 27, 2016 Dec.Total 252 1,260 850,000 1:595 *Estimated odds if tickets are sold out and sold proportionally throughout the promotion.Total Prizes, odds 50 2,500 125,000 1:40 5 Weekly Drawing Prizes, prize, winners per Draw, total Winners.If you are a 50 instant winner, the terminal will play a tune and your ticket will contain a Prize Alert Symbol.Early Bird Instant Win Prizes, prize, winners.Odds* 10,000 1:75,000 1,000 1:3,000 500,000 1:750.Each ticket costs 20 and contains a unique number that will be automatically entered in the Grand Prize drawing on January 3, 2017.Holiday millionaire raffle Draw Schedule Draw Top Prize Draw Date From Raffle Numbers Sold Weekly 1 10,000 November 29, 2016 Oct.28 Weekly 2 10,000 December 6, 2016 Nov.
Tickets purchased by December 26 will display the two draw dates you are entered to win - a weekly drawing and the Grand Prize drawing.
Cash Prize Coupon can be redeemed instantly for 50 at any Lottery Retailer or Lottery office.
With seven new millionaires and only 750,000 tickets available, your odds to win 1 million have never been better!
26 Grand Prize 1,000,000 January 3, 2017 Oct.
5 Weekly 3 10,000 December 13, 2016 Dec.Winners must have them to claim their prizes.2, 2017 Hold onto your Holiday millionaire raffle tickets.Winners for the Grand Prize drawing will be drawn from all Raffle numbers sold during the promotional period, including winners from previous weekly drawings and 50 instant winners.The five weekly drawings begin on November 29, 2016.Overall Prizes Winners Odds 8,675,000 4,294 1:174.66 If your Raffle ticket number matches, in exact order, any of the winning numbers in the drawings in which you qualify, you are a winner!The actual odds of winning depend on the number of tickets sold for each weekly drawing.To play, visit printable raffle list any Florida Lottery retailer and ask to purchase a Holiday millionaire raffle ticket.A Cash Prize Coupon will print along with your ticket.You will need it to claim your prize.