How to hold a contest on youtube

how to hold a contest on youtube

Rather, it's about developing an effective strategy to separate your business from all the chatter.
To determine the winner of your contest, make the social influence of contestants one of the criteria.
When Forleo is choosing winners, for example, she awards bonus points to the contestants with the most retweets yummi candles promo code 2017 and shares.
You want to give your audience a voice so they can express themselves and not simply promote your business.Contestants submit a one-minute video sharing their story and explaining why they deserve a scholarship.6.1k Views 11 Upvotes.As for administering the contest, at Wishpond, we make.Here is a three-step strategy that can help you launch an engaging video contest: Related: Chris Brogan on Using Video to Market Your Business (Video).
Ford may be a huge brand with the resources to offer huge prizes, but small businesses can host more modest but still successful contests.
The most successful contests can transform customers into sales evangelists who willingly tap into their existing networks to do the marketing for you.
You might think a shiny new toy is the answer, but that may not be the best car hire voucher codes uk 2015 choice.
As a result, there was a 38 percent boost in awareness of Ford Fiesta among the Generation Y population - and without a single dollar spent on traditional advertising.Using software such.Back in 2009, Ford Motor.Give customers a voice.The rules were simple: Upload a video explaining what you would do with a new Ford Fiesta if you were one of the winners.But with more than 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, there's also a lot of noise.Start by uploading your own video to your channel explaining the rules and other details of your contest.Made a bold move to give away new cars, free gas and free insurance to 100 lucky drivers.On your contest landing page, include embedded videos, and/or direct links to your channel.(I've known, for example, successful video contests by realtors.).You don't have to give away a new car, but a free supply of your product would be a great start.With some four billion daily views, is an ideal platform erin condren promo code october 2015 to share your message and build a community.