How to insert table of contents

how to insert table of contents

I strongly recommend reading John McGhie's article, first, though.
Select the next heading, and then click twice back into the dialog box, and the newly selected heading will automatically be placed in the Entry field.However, they will be formatted using the Hyperlink character style (blue and underlined by default) in Word.Practice: Navigate Using Document Map Create or open a long document formatted with heading styles.Follow table of contents hyperlinks using one click.Your footnotes have now become endnotes.(The entire Table of Contents can be a hyperlink in Word 2000 and later.) People sometimes want to do this with an index, as well.If a document has a Table of Contents generated using Word 2000 and is read or edited in Word 97, the hyperlinks on the text in the Table of Contents will remain unless that Table of Contents is updated using Word.If, after inserting the Table of Contents, you press AltF9 to toggle display of field codes you should see something like this: TOC o "1-3" h z u The codes above are for a default Table of Contents.This is because the Styles for the entries are set for a full page.If you have a lengthy heading and only want part of it in the Table of Contents, this can be done (beginning I believe with Word 2002) using a Style Separator.By clicking the heading, you are transported to that destination in your document.
Click the Style drop-down arrow and apply Heading 1 (or use CtrlAlt1 shortcut).
If your caption was created using the Caption feature in Word, that style will be the Caption paragraph style.
First, you identify the headings you want to include in the table of contents by applying built-in heading styles.
This can be quickly toggled using CtrlShift8 (Ctrl.Visit the Word Answers Community to ask a question art contests for money high school or view other answers.For this exercise, select All.Your references should now be numbered correctly.How to set up a document with front matter numbered separately - 2007/2010/2013 by Suzanne Barnhill, MVP How to number headings and figures in Appendices by Shawna Kelly Hyperlinked Indices - Index Linker - an Add-In Mousetraining's Intro Guide to Word 2007 found on their.