International hydraulics discount code

international hydraulics discount code

The statutory regulations shall apply if we are in default with taking delivery of last minute discount hotel rates goods or services.
If the mixing takes place in such a manner that the material of the customer is to be viewed as the main thing, it is agreed upon that the customer transfers ownership to us proportionately.
3 Prices, Terms of Payment etc.Only in urgent cases,.g.Unless definite terms or definite deadlines for deliveries and services are promised or agreed upon, deliver terms or deadlines"d by us are to be viewed as an approximate delivery time.8 Liability to Claims for Damages for Cause Our liability to claims for damages, no matter on what legal grounds, but especially due to impossibility, delay, deficient or wrong delivery, contract violation, violation of obligations in contract negotiations and liability in tort, and.Enquiries) do not expressly include a binding period, we shall abide by our offer to enter into a contract for two weeks after the date of the offer.Should such mixture be conducted in a manner in which the item(s) not belonging to us is/are regarded as the main item(s then the supplier herewith transfers proportional co-ownership.If we produce according to instructions of the customer, or deliver services as per the guidelines of the customer, then he is obligated to release us of infringements of property claims of third parties.If the performance not available within the new delivery period either, we shall be entitled to withdraw from some of or all of the contract.
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8 Proprietary rights Copyrights etc.
Sales tax) that accrue for him through that sale vis-à-vis a third party.
Default interest is to be paid on the purchase price paid during the period of default at the statutory rate of default interest.
Should delays arise as a result of the lack of such information, the length of time we are allowed for payment shall be extended by the length of the delay.
Any permissible subcontractors used by our supplier are to be obligated accordingly.As far as shipment is agreed upon, delivery terms and delivery times refer to the date of the handover to the shipper, carrier or other for the transport contracted third party.If the delivery item is mixed with other items that do not belong to us in a manner that they can no longer be separated, then we acquire a co-ownership on the new creation in relation to the value of the purchased item (net invoice.The same shall apply for the Clients claims under the German Product Liability Act and in the event of fraudulent intent on our part.Our leading dealers are ready to share it with everyone.These constitute an integral part of all contracts which we enter into with our suppliers for the goods or services offered by them.An order placed by the Client for goods shall be regarded as a binding offer to enter into a contract.On account of it being particularly urgent, a hazard to safety at work or on account of the impending threat of disproportionate damage we shall not have to set a time limit.Insofar as due to the delay of delivery or services the customer cannot be expected to accept the order, he may with immediate written statement addressed to us rescind from the contract.If the delivery note is missing or is incomplete, we cannot be held responsible for the resulting delays in processing invoices and payment.