Jason richardson dunk contest 360 between legs

jason richardson dunk contest 360 between legs

Harold Miner: Reverse Jackknife, 1993 (Fan Rating:.25 Watch: 300k ).
Carter could have won with just that dunk chicago housing authority voucher alone.
Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls dunks the ball during the game against the Miami Heat Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images.Baron Davis: One-Handed Video Assist, 2001 (Fan Rating:.43 Watch: 300k ).Thats why hes one of the best.In 2000, when he won the title, chimney sweep farnham surrey Carter may have exhibited the best collection of dunks by one dunker in a single contest.Jason Richardsons between-the-legs baseline jam.DeMar DeRozan introduces the Show Stopper.The amount of power and explosiveness needed to pull of this dunk is indescribable.However, Carter knew that this was going to be his night.
Vince Carter: Just Hangin' Around, 2000 (Fan Rating:.67 Watch: 300k ).
As they said in the clip, This is a reverse-360 going against the grain. .
This dunk by Toronto Raptor DeMar DeRozan, in the 2011 contest, was absolutely filthy.
Just take a look.
And, you know what, they should have.
Vince Carter is dunking royalty.
Jason Richardson is one of the best participants in dunk contest history.This dunk won Richardson the 2003 contest, and its unbelievable.Not only did he win two contests back to back, but he always managed to electrify the crowd with his originality and his athleticism.DeRozan lobs the ball towards the basket, cups it in the air, and fluidly manages to bring his body under the rim and throw it down reverse-style.Jason Richardson does the East Bay Funk Dunk.0.This is everything that Jordan was, rolled into one breathtaking moment.However, he does this only after he catches the ball off the bounce.Carter got so kohls 30 percent off promo code may 2015 high on this dunk that he actually hung in the rim by his forearm.Teammate Allen Iverson, throws the ball off the back of the glass, Iguodala catches it, and in one motion, soars under the basket and slams it with his right hand.Jason Richardson's improbable between-the-legs, behind-his-head dunk to clinch the 2003 Dunk Contest was voted the Best Dunk Contest Dunk by m users.Spud Webb soars off one bounce.Larry Nance: Rock-the-Baby, 1984 (Fan Rating:.49 Watch: 300k ).