Make raffle tickets in word

make raffle tickets in word

Raffle ticket templates give you the basic form that you need for a razor coupon deals raffle ticket, and then you get to decide how you want to change these.
Keep the value of the prize in mind when it comes to making the raffle tickets.You can insert the anywhere you want on the ticket and as many times as you wish.Take a ruler and cut them out in rows and columns so that you have a bunch of tickets of the same size.Method 1 Making Tickets by Hand 1, get a suitable type and amount of paper.You need a way to track just who has entered the drawing and you need a way to choose a winner.You can purchase a perforating machine from an arts store.You can enable it by going to Tools Letters and Mailings Show Mail Merge Toolbar (displayed in step 3 of this document).Raffle Ticket Template, click on the raffle_c document to open in Microsoft Word. Each sheet after that is starts one number after the first ticket of the last sheet.5 Perforate your tickets.
Scissors aren't recommended for cutting if you're selling your tickets.
In the Mail Merge Dialog, you should select Letters if it is not already selected.
11 12 Check online for a few of these and compare prices to see which one suits you best.
Because you're doing it via computer, it will be faster to make the tickets consistent.2 4, keep your raffle design distinctive and consistent.You'll also want time to sell the tickets after they arrive.1, raffle ticket size can vary if you're making them from home.While the tickets should be customized to fit the event, here are some details you almost certainly want to have: The name of the hosting organization.8 Perforating tools are spindled wheels that poke holes evenly in a line.Simply click OK to move.Numbering Raffle Tickets in Microsoft Word (Video).To make everything easier, please be sure to have your Mail Merge Toolbar visible.Then, click on Browse to locate your excel file.I recommend designing just your first raffle ticket.A Dialog will pop up and Numbers should be selected.