Most popular hashtags for giveaways

most popular hashtags for giveaways

Customize your contest graphics with personable and appealing images in your contest theme.
Their contest graphic clearly explains how to enter.This generates more get free promo codes for amazon sharing of the contest photos, and brand awareness.Are you searching for inspiring prize ideas?Consider: Tweets with hashtags receive 2X more engagement than those without hashtags.And if you want to see examples of effective hashtags, and learn about contest-hashtags dos and donts, scroll past the list.The contest includes public voting, to get their contest (and business) shared even more.People submit their photos by tagging the company, and using a contest specific hashtag.They use a number of common hashtags to get their contest spread on Instagram.This spreads the reach of the contest beyond their followers.
Make a contest that supports your company goals, such as providing a community online.
Use a sophisticated third party app to add more marketing power to your Instagram photo contests.
Whats bad: They could allow for photo entries directly through Instagram.
They could have weekly contestants, instead of running it for the full month.
Whats good: They get patrons in the door by offering a prize for the best in-restaurant photo.They create an online community with a contest specific hashtag - which is in line with their brand of supporting community.They posted a follow-up on Tuesday to remind followers to enter the contest.The prize is company related - giving away a travel prize.Their prize promotes their business - as it is their product.Do you use, instagram contests, but need better results?Heres an example of a Like to Win Instagram contest: #1.Host photo contests with your products as the theme.Numbers are allowed in hashtags.Add in a public voting element, and your contest could go viral.Creating a unique hashtag is as simple as putting a # in front of a word to create a hyperlink, but creating a hashtag that will gain some traction and bring attention to your contest is a little more complicated.Use humor, when appropriate: In 2013, Charmin, the toilet paper company, created #tweetfromtheseat, which they tied in with a contest.