Popularity contest remove

popularity contest remove

Closes: #396367 - rancho shock rebate 2016 Updated Bulgarian by Damyan Ivanov.
(Closes: #237620) - Added Portuguese debconf translation received from Miguel Figueiredo.Closes: #261225 - Initial Croatian debconf translation.Closes: #401437 - Added Tamil by Senthil Kumar - Updated Norwegian will a sweep start my labour off Nynorsk by Håvard Korsvoll.Patch from Colin Watson and Ubuntu.(Closes: #323225) - Updated Swedish from Daniel Nylander.Petter Reinholdtsen - Updated Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk debconf translation, patch from Håvard Korsvoll.Closes: # Petter Reinholdtsen Sat, 12:31:42 0200 popularity-contest (1.36) unstable; urgencymedium * medium urgency: #386879 fix a missing dependency.Closes: #241383 Document the noatime problem.
Change to handle the fact that is not UTF-8.
(Closes: #381002) - Updated Slovak by Peter Mann.
Subscribe To Comments.Closes: # Bill Allombert Sun, 21:21:15 0200 popularity-contest (1.56) unstable; urgencylow Christian Perrier Debconf translations * Latvian (Rdolfs Mazurs).Closes: #239051 - Updated German translation by Dennis best online shopping deals australia Stampfer - Updated Portuguese translation by Miguel Figueiredo.popcon-upload: parse server output for success as it is received instead of waiting for the socket to close which might happen after the timeout, thuse reporting spurious failure.This module is targeted for inclusion in perl-base.