Rocko's modern life chimney sweep

rocko's modern life chimney sweep

In one episode, Filburt goes on a big speil about how he always wanted to be a chimney sweep which is a clear nod to the Lumberjack Sketch.
The TV special is projected to premiere.
Not the best place to hide snacks, but we guess that was his only option.
First appearance of, gordon.Misfortune Cookie : Could be considered the Trope Maker.You can see her nametag on a package of chicken about five seconds after she gets hired.Ding-Dong-Ditch Distraction : In one episode, Heffer and nike store promo code usa Filburt go on a ding-dong-ditch spree and rope Rocko into.But Rocko tells him that his teeth are already perfect.
Filburt and Heffer can be like this to Rocko in their less sympathetic moments.
Notice how Be Naughty is in all caps?
Apparently, we still love you.Played straight with Peaches in "To Heck and Back".Unlucky Everydude : Rocko, without a doubt.The couple who went through the Tunnel of Love alone and came out with a bunch of babies.Catchphrase : "X day.Hutchinson the cat (presumably of the house variety) look normal human size, about 5 and a half to six feet, Filburt the turtle is in-between, while the Bigheads who are cane toads are maybe 6 and a half feet tall, sweepstakes gorillaz lyrics with their heads counting for.There are a few fan theories floating around that Rocko actually worked for a phone sex line.In addition he only makes last call coupon code november 2014 non-speaking cameos in "She's the Toad" and "Teed Off" (screams in a random scene near the end, but no real dialogue otherwise).Dupett picking his nose.Cast as a Mask : Happens in "Pranksters" with Granny Rocko, voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, whom them rips off her full bodysuit to reveal "she" is actually Filburt, voiced by Doug Lawrence.Lucky!" for an upcoming game show appearance.