Shedinja sweep x and y

shedinja sweep x and y

Epic magikarp sweep #3, sturdy shedinja sweep!
Epic unown sweep #2.Pokemon oras - Epic Shedinja sweep.Full impossible TO WIN pokemon team!Pimpnite, fULL illogical item pokemon team!With Pokemon Bank now making most of the Pokedex usable, there.Shedinja Build: Item: Weakness Policy Nature: Adamant Moves: Hone Claws, Endure, Shadow Claw, X - Scissor.Aprende UNA buena estrategia CON shedinja para hacer sweep EN LOS juegos DE pokemon XY, pokemon rubi win rolling stones tickets detroit omega, pokemon.
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Unkillable Shedinja with sturdy!
Shedinja Build: Item: Weakness Policy, nature: Adamant, moves: Hone Claws, Endure, Shadow Claw, X - Scissor 600,939, loading.
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1V1 battling with shiny shedinja!
Shedinja sweep pokemon sweeper OP #17.Pokemon Showdown - Sturdy Shedinja Sweep.Shedinja Build: Item: Weakness Policy.1000 Likes are required for the next sweep thanks!Leave a comment below and drop a like on the video!Getting a Shedinja sweep is crazy since it is about the right opponent at the right time.I hope you guys enjoy.