Solar rebate queensland 2015

solar rebate queensland 2015

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (sres) encourages you to purchase solar water heaters, heat pumps, and small-scale solar panel, wind and hydro systems by daily contests to enter offering a financial benefit through the issue of Small-scale Technology Certificates or STCs.
You can maintain your eligibility if you: transfer your electricity account into the name of your spouse (if you change it into any other name you will lose your eligibility) add your spouse's name onto your electricity account (if you add anyone who isn't your.
No Current rate paid to new solar homes: Varies sharply by region for Horizon Customers, Synergy offers around 5-8c/kWh Comments: WA is something of a wildcard when it comes to energy storage.
They will have to speak to their electricity retailer to organise a new feed-in tariff.You should know who to call for help and what your rights are.For this reason, Victoria has been identified as the second largest potential market for energy storage in Australia after NSW.Type (gross or net Gross (customers on the 20c/kWh rate are encouraged to switch to net metering to maximise value).For details on the estimation method used to calculate feed-in tariffs, visit the.
For new solar homes, increasingly strict grid connection rules (including a push for the installation of export control devices ) may mean that energy storage may already be a real consideration.
Customers who applied for the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme before maintain their eligibility can continue to receive payments under this tariff.
Solar Feed-in Tariff Rewards page.
No (except between spouses) Comments: The announcement of the closure of Aurora Energys solar buyback scheme to new entrants sparked a burst of installations in the state, but other than that the Tasmanian solar market has always been small due to both small population and.
For 20c/kWh, on the other hand, the NSW Department of Industry, Energy and Resources indicates that in most cases payments are transferable even with a name change.
If you are currently receiving the 44 cent feed-in tariff and you move house, you can't take your system with you and continue to receive the same feed-in tariff.
Be informed, carefully consider any changes you make to your electricity account or solar system.In some circumstances, name changes on an electricity account may cause a customer to be removed from the Solar Bonus Scheme in error.Solar feed-in tariff for regional Queensland.Australian Capital Territory, scheme name(s ACT Small-scale Feed-in tariff (0-30kW Medium-scale Feed-in Tariff (30-200kW) and Large-scale feed-in tariff (200kW).If youd like to see current rates, please visit our.He lives in Newcastle in a house with a weird solar system.