Sweep the area

sweep the area

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He had been swept along by Tommy's drunken madness.She seldom would merely walk into our class but seemed always to sweep into.The week before, a monsoonal deluge had swept through the river valley.( Brit ) ( also chimney sweep ) deshollinador (a) m/f.Vt fus person, place The car swept past the gate house La voiture passa le poste de contrôle de l'entrée sans ralentir.Times, Sunday Times (2016)The great sweeping ideologies had been a failure.To sweep to victory s'envoler vers la victoire ( spread quickly ) epidemic, rumours, trend, fashion faire rage A flu epidemic is sweeping through Moscow Une épidémie de grippe fait rage à Moscou.( range ) portata ; ( movement, of arm ) ampio gesto ; ( of scythe, sword ) sciabolata ; ( of beam, searchlight ) fascio luminoso ; ( curve, of road, hills ) curva ; ( expanse, of countryside ) distesa a wide sweep.
6 become popular intransitive, transitive always adverb/preposition writtenpopular if an idea, feeling, or activity sweeps a group of people or a place, it quickly becomes very popular or common sweep the country/nation/state etc a wave of nationalism sweeping the countrysweep across/through etc the latest craze windows 7 installer free download 32 bit sweeping through.
Any dust or dirt was simply swept through the cracks and fell on the livestock below.
He was swept along by the crowd Il a été emporté par la foule.
I just finished sweeping the kitchen floor.
( stretch ) land, water s'étendre The gardens sweep down to the shore Les jardins s'étendent jusqu'au rivage.
The Sun (2010)So make a clean sweep with these sparkling offers.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)Push from the left foot to lunge over to the other side in one sweeping movement.I turned in my chair to watch Tamar sweep across the room in her silk pyjamas.( clean ) barrer.The sweep of the court's decision could affect all car manufacturers.He kind of swept me off my feet.As we swept down to the seam in the old iron lift we all grabbed each other's hands in simultaneous panic.The whale swam away with great sweeps of its tail.( range ).1.She gave the room a sweep.Related topics: Cleaning, Occupations sweepsweep2 noun countable 1 move something OR somebodya long swinging movement of your arm, a weapon etc With a single sweep of his sword, he cut through the rope.2 usually singular British EnglishDHC the act of cleaning a room with a long-handled brush The.( also chimney sweep ) spazzacamino.The wind sighed again as it swept through the ruined temple, and a little shudder went through Caroline.I felt the slow sweep of geologic time.