Tax rebate items

tax rebate items

For this year, you are not required to submit any additional documents with your income tax return.
Vikas Gandhi answers, To claim your tax refund, you will have to file your income tax return in time.
What investment mistakes did you make last year?Vikas Gandhi answers, If you file the income tax return for.Y.Hence you will have to file ITR-4 and not ITR-1 or ITR-2 macmib asked, what is the period of getting tax refund?You can also claim for any tools you need to buy to do your job, so if you purchase your own scissors, combs, brushes or hairdryers/straighteners you can claim for the cost of these too.Vikas Gandhi answers, If your tax computation results in refund, after giving effect to the TDS amount, you can certainly recover back the excess part, provided you file your income tax return.Assuming that your main source of income is Salary and you have received dividend, you will have to use ITR-2 for filing income tax return.Since the year is alreday over, there is no way you can reduce the tax amount.Vin asked, can i get tax benefit on education loan which is taken for my brother education.Vikas Gandhi answers, The exempt amount of HRa will be lower of following - a) Actual HRA received b) 50 of Basic amazon com promo codes december 2015 Salary DA (for metro cities, otherwise 40) c) Rent paid in excess of 10 of Basic Salary.
Are their ways to rectify them?
Vikas Gandhi answers, On net taxable income of Rs2.50 lakh, you will have to pay a tax.25,500/- plus interest as per Act.
Last year I have recieved the dividend.
In accordance with existing regulations, the goods that export enterprises shall apply for a refund (exemption) must be goods that received foreign exchange and written off by the foreign exchange administrative departments.
In case of self-occupied house taken on loan, the housing loan interest can be shown as negative income in 'Schedule HP' section.
Vikas Gandhi answers, If you are staying in a rented house, owing to your employment, you can claim both the benefits seddy asked, I have joined a new company in the IT sector in november 2006.Vikas Gandhi says, Friends, it's 5:00.m and time to say Good-bye.Earlier TDS was happened for the 1 year after taking PAN the 2 nd year TDS was not the 3rd year TDS has happened but with 2 different d they have given TDS certificates seperately for the full r tax return file whether i have.Newsletters, sign up today!Vikas Gandhi answers, It is a clear instructions from the Income Tax Department that any additional document attached with the income tax return should be detached by the income tax officials.Vikas Gandhi answers, You cannnot take benefit for a home loan which has been taken in some other persons name.You spend hours cutting clients hair so how about trimming some cash off your tax bills?It was wonderful having chat with you and resolving your queries.However if you have paid SEcurities Transaction Tax (STT) on sale, the entire Long Term Capital Gain is exempt.Vikas Gandhi answers, Your mother-in-law has to pay tax, both on house rent and interest on fixed deposit.Gandhi, I am a salried person.