The halia raffles hotel

the halia raffles hotel

Verdict, tackling the temples of Angkor Archaeological Park is no easy feat (due to the crowds, insane number of steps and scorching heat and most people end up splitting the day into morning and afternoon outings.
The menu offers contemporary European fare with Asian touches, featuring signature dishes such as the Singapore-style chilli crab spaghettini and Javanese spice lamb rump, and new creations like the Celeriac lasagna and the Oriental pulled duck.It just buy buy baby gift card walgreens melts once you put it in your mouth.Special thanks to LeRoy from FoodNews for the invitation.Another highlight at Halia Raffles Hotel is its al fresco bar, showcasing a portfolio of hand-crafted, artisanal products from around the world.The Poolside Terrace serves light meals during the day with refreshing cocktails, while afternoon tea can be enjoyed with live piano music at The Conservatory.The Halia at Raffles Hotel restaurant.The Celeriac lasagna is a must try!And cocktails, beers and spirits can be ordered from the bar all day.I always like to scoop a portion of the pudding with some ice cream and butterscotch and let it dissolve in my mouth.
Seafood gratin with pignolina pasta, basil, parmesan and olive oil.
Siem Reap river just around the corner.
It is grainy like rice but it is chewy and soft.
Im definitely going back for this!
The restaurant has just located themselves in another iconic Singaporean venue.
The stylish bar offers refreshing beverages all day, specialising in premium quality artisanal spirits, sumptuous cocktails and craft beers from Singapores oldest brewery- Archipelago.
Recently, the opportunity arose to take over a prominent corner location at the iconic Raffles Hotel, leading to the debut.Halia's Chilli Crab Spaghettini served with generous portions of fleshy crab meat and a spicy egg based gravy - never fails.Anyone likes something sour and tangy to whet your appetite?Oriental Pulled Duck with gherkin, caper, micro herb salad, soba noodle, sesame oil (18).Other notable dishes include the.Want to sin on the pretense of being healthy?The alcoholic in me think Im going to do that to my sorbet from now.It was really refreshing!Bose sound system (read: no fighting over the remote).The Halia at Raffles Hotel in November 2012.Epicure relaxed ambience, impeccable service and communal concept makes Halia a great place m, the vegetarian Celeriac "Lasagna" is so satisfying : the sharp flavour of the ribbons of celeriac is well matched by the rich porcini cream sauce and heady truffle oil.