What are some good items to raffle off

what are some good items to raffle off

Fifty/Fifty Raffle: For anyone wanting a fundraising idea that is free and easy to set up, this is your fundraiser!
Baked Goods at the Game: Sell various baked goods and other goodies at your local sports games, with proceeds going to raise funds for your charity.Travel Insurance: Theyd be going on their honeymoon.Graduation related prize.The person/s who guesses or has the closest guess wins/shares the prize.Pinterest 25 Popular Baby Shower Prizes - that won't get tossed in the garbage!Warning: Do not choose a prize that is irrelevant to your business.Vegas Night: Set up a casino night where participants can donate for chips, then use the chips to play various games like poker and blackjack.
Themed gift basket roundup, dIY Gifts for Men and Quick Buy Ideas - CraftsUnleashed.
Car Wash Fundraiser: Students can offer to wash cars for 5 or more, with the proceeds going to their charity or group.
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Bake sales have been used for decades to help raise money for charities, because everyone needs to eat.
Learn how to run a raffle fundraiser and solicit an in-kind donation for your event.For larger vacation packages, see our.And get your 50/50 Raffle Tickets here.Get creative with this one and you can have some real fun.Cow Patty Raffle: Almost pizza hut free coupon code exactly the same as the above idea, but instead of moving discounts for aaa members having a helicopter drop a parcel; you employ the services of holiday inn coupon code march 2015 a cow and its poop!Piggyback on this happy time of year and make a splash into the summer with these contest prize ideas.50 worth of photo prints.I'm a huge fan of raffles.Read more about it here.We all know that the most successful contests are ones that offer 25,000 round-the-world vacations for the whole family.