What rebate means

what rebate means

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How the Kings of Fracking Double-Crossed Their Way to Riches ProPublica March 13, 2014 The rebate and the solar tax became the centerpiece of a heated campaign with Goldwater in the forefront defending the subsidy.People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.You Pay Higher free games for windows 8 1 phone Taxes Than Boeing (and GE, Verizon 23 More.S.See more synonyms on aaa great america season pass discount m noun.Liam Hoare November 27, 2012 Historical Examples They closed with a rebate in the jambs and against the raised threshold.Ball State University "Printable version: The How And Why Of Rebates".Thus the consumer will pay more in tax than if the price had simply been lowered at the time of purchase.4 5 Rationale edit Rebates have become very popular in retail sales within the United States.Verb (used without object rebated, rebating.
16 PC Data in the Reston, VA estimates between "10 and 30 percent".
12 Industry advisers claim that if mail-in rebates go away, they will not be replaced by "instant rebates" of the same value amount because of the loss of the tangible benefits listed above (fiscal accounting, price protection, etc.) Steve Baker, vice president of industry analysis.
To return (part of an original payment He rebated five dollars.
Among different sources, radically different numbers on both ends of the spectrum can be cited.
Archaic to make cool stuff inc promo code december 2014 dull; blunt, origin of rebate, middle English rebaten from Old French rabattre from re-, re- abattre: see abate to give rebates noun transitive verb -bated, -bating var.
Both carriers and retailers make customers submit rebate claims during a 30-day window, often 6 months after cell phone activation.A rectangular groove made to hold two pieces (of wood etc) together ; a rabbet.Redemption rate inconsistencies edit It is difficult to get an account of redemption rates from most rebate companies, partly due to a reluctance on the part of rebate fulfillment houses to release confidential business information.1, rebate clearinghouses edit, most rebates are handled under contract by rebate clearinghouses that specialize in processing rebates and contest applications.Staples, Sears, TigerDirect, and Rite Aid currently offer an online submission option for all or some of the rebates they offer.Zeus Kerravala, vice president at the Yankee Group, has said, "For companies that haven't been in a particular market, the rebate that essentially refunds the customer's money is a great way to get people to pay attention to them.Late 14c., "to reduce early 15c., "to deduct, subtract from Old French rabattre "beat down, drive back also "deduct from re- "repeatedly" (see re- ) abattre "beat down" (see abate ). 2017 m, LLC.Sandberg Prepaid cards replace cheques as rebate payment of choice Dec 26, 2009 Rebate programs return more than 8 billion to US households June 2, 2011 External links edit The dictionary definition of rebate at Wiktionary Chisholm, Hugh,.Origin of rebate, from, middle English rebaten to deduct from, old French rabattre, rebattre to reduce, to beat down again re- re- abbattre to beat down ; see abate.To allow as a discount.A straight price reduction on some models would have a domino effect on all products in a line.