Win a free electric car

win a free electric car

'Weve decided that a city stops vibrator giveaway simple flat fee of a fiver for a 20 minute fast charge strikes the right balance.'.
While this is most certainly the case if you charge your car at home - especially if you take advantage of using electricity at non-peak hours - it will no longer be the true for those regularly relying on charging up at motorway service stations.
The firm says that if youre the customer, this is nothing but good news.'A rapid charge of up to twenty minutes will cost just 5, significantly less than the equivalent cost of a petrol or diesel car.'.Tesla drivers will continue to be able to access the companys supercharger network at no cost.Warranties, get covered, breakdown cover, find the best deals, personal loans.A single 20 minute session will add approximately 50 to 60 miles of range to a pure-electric vehicle, though that estimated distance will deplete at a faster rate when the car is driven at constant high-speeds on motorways.
We see this as a meaningful risk for car dealers who rely on after-sales service for a large chunk of their profitability.
'So the time has come for us to charge for charging.
'Per mile driven an EV is five times cheaper than the average petrol car and carries no vehicle excise duty.'.
Ecotricity, which is the sole provider for around 300 charging posts up and down the UK's motorway network, said it will abolish free top-ups from Monday 11 July and demand a flat-fee each time a driver wants to use a rapid charger for 20 minutes.But as more people are turning to alternative fuel cars - the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said 46,000 have already been purchased in 2016 alone accounting for.2 per cent of all new-car sales in the first six months of the year.The payment scheme could be a hammer blow to the growing alternative fuel car market with plug-in hybrid drivers no longer benefiting from cheaper-than-fuel electric charging on motorways.Full electric models, like the best-selling Nissan Leaf, benefit far more from the rapid chargers.Ecotricity said it will be rolling out the payment scheme at all 300 charging locations on the 'Electric Highway' network from next week.Borrow for a car, insurance tips, reduce your costs).