Win free prizes online in pakistan 2014

win free prizes online in pakistan 2014

You can choose where you want the prize delivered.
Your information will only be used for marketing purposes of CAR fromn japan and to communicate with you.
For non-car prize winners, they can exchange the prize with USD 500 coupons to buy any car from CAR from japan website.
We will deliver the chosen vehicle to the nearest port of the winners CAR from japan shall bear all cost up to the selected port.The winner can only receive prizes, not cash.JavaScript enables you to fully navigate and make a purchase on our site.There will be multiple cars and body types for you to choose from.However, these extra points will be given out by December 20th for accumulating on your recent points.Please enable JavaScript in your browser for the best possible tmobile verify discount experience.If I win, do I have to go to Japan to pick the car or to receive the prize?Do I have to buy something or pay to enter this contest?Feature Your Club On Cricket World.No, you do not need driving license to participate.Club Home Page, the latest club news, features and statistics.
We use JavaScript to create the most functional website possible for our customers.
You will earn points by sharing link in case someone really click on it or apply the Campaign through the link.
All of the delivery cost will be covered by CAR from japan.Also, you do not have to know driving to participate.Monthly Prizes: Cameras, Headphones, Speakers, Watches, etc.Note: Any activity that shows system manipulation or inhuman-entry, will be considered as cheating.Please see rules for more details.If you win, we will require you to submit your guardians written consent about allowing you to participate.If you the winner of grand prize, you may choose any vehicle from our selected vehicle list.So totally points will be 900 points.Guideline on how to register and check your status Click Here.You need to share the link everyday with unlimited time.Do not worry, we will find a way to solve this.If I win one of the 4 grand prizes (a car can I choose the car I want?Can I also apply?