Winter box tops contest ideas

winter box tops contest ideas

If you can, instead of returning the box tops in one large ziploc bag, consider gluing them to sheets like this.
Yogurt, office supply products, most of the box tops we snip come from food packaging, which means Im clipping them in the kitchen.
This recognition inevitably arouses renewed interest from other students.Box tops are generally collected in amounts of 50 so you can find collection sheets in either 10 or 25 count.Box Tops for Education.I discovered the best way to contain our collection.A one time use free homework or no homework pass to the student bringing in the most Box Tops in each class.For our school, this is an exciting photo.
For parents, this pile can be an annoyance and nuisance.
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Parents also made suggestions, such as giving students stuffed animals of the school mascot, a bulldog.
As coordinators, the Stratmans keep everyones eyes on the goal with timely status reports.
One extra recess for the class who brings in the most Box Tops.
Before the fall h b discount tires lexington sc semester ended, the schools 650 students had amassed more than 45,000 box tops.Now check your email to confirm your subscription.It can be a profitable program for our under-funded schools.The PTO designates one-quarter of the box tops proceeds to be used for grade-level reading materials.This close tracking enables students in each class to compete for the top class prize and then vie for one of five bests in each grade level.Angie also listens to music every chance she gets, writes eBooks, podcasts, loves Pinterest, documents the little moments in life on Instagram, and occasionally sleeps.By the 2007-08 school year, the Stratmans had collected 88,000 General Mills box tops, raising 8,801 and ranking ninth in the nation for total earnings.They alert students and teachers to special bonus collection opportunities and circulate a newsletter every six weeks; in between, emails and telephone calls work as reminders.A drawing for one larger prize that will go to one lucky student.Just a small snack-size ziploc bag clipped to the side of the fridge.Stratman uses Microsoft Access to record daily class and individual totals.Heres a few examples: Valentines Day ( via winter ( via ) ( via thanksgiving ( via ) ( via ) and Halloween ( via when you glue the box tops to the collection sheets, youre helping the coordinator to not have the pain-staking job.Allow students to buy something like a small treat, school pencil, or another fun item with a certain number of Box Tops (such as a full collection sheet).